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Suggestions for Seniors

All shoots are on location. We will choose locations together based on the look and style you like. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you want! We will discuss this prior to your session.

Feel free to bring your mom or a friend and if you’d like, we can take a couple of shots with them (no extra charge!).

I’ve listed a few suggestions to prepare you for your portrait session, but remember, these are just suggestions. Above all, I want you to be comfortable and have fun!

Bring as many changes of clothes as you want! It’s helpful to have lots of options so we can choose what works well with with different backgrounds and surroundings.

Group your outfits together on a hanger so we can easily evaluate what will work best in each setting.

At least one outfit should be classic. A black or white shirt with jeans looks great on everyone. A simple solid color dress will work for girls and a polo with jeans or khakis for guys. If classic is not your style, bring something to make your classic outfit “more you”. Funky shoes, sunglasses, a jacket, a hat, etc will do the trick.

Solid colors photograph the best.

Bring a variety of colors and styles. Be fashionable and trendy.  Be yourself!

Please bring at least one outfit that YOU love, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Your clothes should be comfortable and flatter you.

Avoid flip flops and gym shoes. They do not photograph well.

PROPS! YES! Bring personal props that help show who you are. A few examples:

Sports Equipment (Soccer Ball, Basketball, Tennis Racquet, Skateboard, etc)

Sports Uniform

Letter Jackets


Car or Truck

Musical Instrument

Activity Related Items (Dance, Art, Clubs, etc)

Hats and Hair Decorations

Tips for Girls

If you are comfortable in dresses, bring a couple!

Shoes and boots are important! There are so many gorgeous and fun options! Heels look great but flats work too.

Jewelry, by all means!

Scarves can be fun too!

Wear your hair and makeup naturally. Makeup should only by slightly heavier than normal. Style your hair and makeup the same way you would if you were getting dressed up.

Bring a brush and mirror for touch ups and if you’d like, bring your best friend to help you:)

If you paint your nails, avoid bright colors.

Tips for Guys

Make sure you are clean shaven or well groomed if you have facial hair.

If you are apathetic about outfits, ask your mom or girlfriend to help you:)

Black or dark gray T-shirts work best under other shirts.

Avoid T-shirts with large graphics or logos.

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